After several years of clinical performance in this profession, decided to specialize in Orthodontics, being attracted by a new discipline that was being introduced in Brazil, the Functional Orthopedics of Maxilares.

Started from 1964, a series of courses with some of the most prominent teachers of the country. He stages with some, and hence their work speak for him.

In 1979, he received the diploma of "Pierre Fouchard Merit" for his outstanding performance in promoting Brazilian Orthopaedics. Subsequently received numerous other honors no less important.

Years have passed since the beginning of its work with the Maxilares Orthopedics and after much research and innovation has created a new technique of Functional Rehabilitation Dynamics Maxilares.

Basic Principle:

"Taking the wrong for the right place" with common sense.
Good sense is precisely the nature preserve and not fight it.

After extensive discussion and presentation of ample series, his technique was recognized by the Regional Council of Dentistry of Rio de Janeiro are also deployed in the graduation level in various universities.

Already in the early years of their clinical performance, Mauricio has chosen to specialize in a subject who was starting in Brazil, the Functional Orthopedics of Maxilares and by that fought until the end to see it recognized as a specialty.

The first contact in a theoretical and practical way with Functional Orthopedics of Maxilares was through the teacher Armando Stefanelli, Argentina.

Coincidentally, this year, finally commemorate the recognition of this specialty where several members of the GEM already received their titles.

The teacher honored the V International Symposium on Orthopedics Functional Maxilares of Orthodontics and the SOBRACOM is precisely the teacher Armando Stefanelli.


When you start your career, Mauricio sought to create something that did not cause damage to their patients. He made a work, with great difficulty, and thanks to his great creativity, found the best way to not extract teeth.

And thus began his journey, with its first step to find a great friend of name Olympio Faissol Son, that encouraged to participate in a congress in the form of clinical and conference table to display their work.

The presentation marked a new step in the industry of specialist dental-maxillo-facial, because it was a complete success.

Thus, with the advice of this colleague, continued with their creativity, documenting everything in the form of slides, models and radiographs to appear in future conferences without extracting the series, based on the philosophy of common sense.

After this period has, in short courses, their technique. Throughout this journey has been improving in national and international courses, adding to their knowledge, experience multiple.

He courses with various specialties of Orthopaedics World, including:
H. Q. Bimler
A. Stefanelli
Q. Planas
M. Chateau
R. Frankel
H. Stockfiesh

It passed the courses, explaining his technique of Functional Rehabilitation Dynamics of Maxilares.

Since it could not fail to be, every new idea cause reactions. It was what happened when Dr. Mauricio, not accepting the limitations of Orthodontics, developed a technique in which you get wonderful results without extractions and without causing damage to structures and dental periodontal.

Dr. Mauricio not saved for you this technique and, yes, put through courses and books, for everyone seeking a better way to solve the problem of their orthodontic patients.

By having an increasing number of people sharing the same "idea" of taking the wrong for the right place using common sense, the GEM was established.

He is a group of studies that mutual exchange experiences and whose goal is the professional growth of all.

Advocates at the same time the perpetuation and disseminate the philosophy of work of Dr. Mauricio.