Types of treatments performed in Soliva´s Dental Office:

     * Orthodontics

       Treatment correcting the position of the teeth that are in an inappropriate manner with fixed appliances, for adults and adolescents.

     * Functional Orthopedics of Maxilars

       Treatment correcting the position of the teeth and bone structures with removable appliances. It can be used at any age.

     * Implants

       Replacement of one or more teeth through the deployment of surgical pins and subsequent placement of prostheses on them.

General Practice

Identification and diagnosis of dental problems, dental problems and basic routing of patients to specific treatments with a specialist.

Dental Cosmetic

Services of oral esthetics that include: exchange of restorations, patches of gum, patches of removals, facets of porcelain, among others.


Restores and replacement of one or more teeth through services involving a prosthetic such as crowns, bridges fixed / movéis and dentures. They may be ceramic, resin or porcelain.


Treatment of channels and injuries caused by infections in the tooth nerve.


Treatment of support structures (bones) and protection (gums and mucous) of the teeth.


Application of fluoride, removal of the plate and cleaning of the teeth.

Teeh Whitening

We work with two types: whitening at home, where the person uses a plate of silicon, 3 to 4 hours or to sleep, or whitening in the office, which lasts from 1 to 3 sessions with use of an LED.

Oral Rehabilitation

Extensive treatment, which involves several elements to be treated dental, to restore the balance of the oral patient.


Treatment of temporo-mandibular joints. Often these are caused by bruxism and night compression.