• Vision: To be recognized as a reference in dental treatment in the world.
  • Mission: Serve our customers with excellence and quality, seeking dental solutions for their needs.
  • Figures: treat human beings with respect and professionalism, particularly at times of greatest need, acting for their interests. Adopt always ethical behavior in all our relationships with customers, partners and suppliers.

The good appearance of the teeth is the determining factor in facial esthetics, contributing to the welfare personnel, bringing the self-esteem and, consequently, encouraging uninhibited in society. Furthermore, studies indicate that dental problems may be related to headaches, diversions of column, bad-attitude, among others.

We work with the most modern techniques and products from the market, always seeking the welfare of patients.

The treatment of tooth corrections can be made at any age, from 5 years, depending on need. We work with mobile and fixed, which shall be indicated by the dentist. We follow the philosophy of Dr. Mauricio Vaz de Lima, author of three books and with international recognition of its technique, which does not perform extractions of teeth before or during treatment.

The absence of a tooth or more difficult to chew (grinding) of food and consequently reducing the absorption of nutrients by the stomach that are so important for general health. Recalling also that the absence of teeth affect the speech and facial esthetics.